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Refund Cancelation Changes


If the Cancellation Guarantee is purchased during the booking procedure, You can for any reason contact us after your flight booking to cancel your flights and instead receive an electronic voucher corresponding to 90% of the flight price. The voucher can then be used for a new booking on the Portal. The terms in this Section 9.3 apply to our own service ‘Cancellation Guarantee’, while We are acting within our capacity as an intermediary between You and the relevant airline. As the Cancellation Guarantee is our own service (i.e. You cannot use the Cancellation Guarantee by contacting the airline directly), all requests under the Cancellation Guarantee must be made via our customer service (see Section 9.3.5). We do not charge administrative fees in the event of a voluntary cancellation using the Cancellation Guarantee or in the event of a new booking with a voucher through our Portal.

The following applies when using the Cancellation Guarantee:

All cancellations must be made in accordance with Section 9.3.5 and must be received by us no later than 24 hours before the original time of departure. The value of the voucher corresponds to 90% of the value of the canceled flight ticket, including taxes and the airline's fees but excluding the costs of the Cancellation Guarantee and any additional services (e.g. extra baggage, seating etc.). If the booking has previously been subject to changes that have resulted in an increase in the price of the flight ticket (e.g. voluntary date change, name change, additional baggage etc.), the value of the voucher is calculated based on the original flight ticket only. When using the Cancellation Guarantee, the value of the voucher can never exceed 2739 USD per person or 5478 USD per booking, regardless of the value of the flight tickets.

You have the right to cancel Your flight ticket and receive a voucher for any reason, however in accordance with these terms. Cancellation can also be requested for an individual passenger in the booking, in this case the value of the voucher is calculated in proportion to the number of passengers who cancel. Cancellation cannot be made for part of the trip. The voucher can only be used on our Portal in accordance with the instructions that are received with Your voucher. The voucher cannot be combined with other vouchers, with cash refunds or with promotions and cannot be used if entering the Portal via price comparison sites. You can only use Your voucher once. Any unused voucher amount is thereafter considered forfeited. The voucher is valid for 12 months from the time You receive Our notification of the voucher being available for use, which is within 7 business days from the time We have confirmed Your cancellation request. When the validity period expires, the voucher loses its value and You cannot claim compensation in any other way.

A Cancellation Guarantee voucher can only be used for booking of flights and not for other services made available on the Portal (such as hotels or rental cars). By using the Cancellation Guarantee to cancel Your booking/flight ticket, You and Your fellow passengers waive all rights to the travel documents that We have mediated to the airline. By purchasing the Cancellation Guarantee service You accept that We, following Your cancellation request, automatically acquire all rights to the flight ticket and the booking and the right to use these rights vis-à-vis the airline.

The Cancellation Guarantee cannot be used if the airline is unable to provide the Travel Service after declaring bankruptcy or after having paused or closed down their business (in such case the cost of the Cancellation Guarantee service is not reimbursed). If You want to use the Cancellation Guarantee, You must contact our customer service. You can find our phone number and other means of contact on the Portal. Please note that We handle all customers in turn. The Cancellation Guarantee does not apply if you contact the airline to rebook your flight ticket and request a cancellation.